About W&T Communications

Advertising Agencies Naples, Naples MarketingIf image is everything in business, than consider us: pioneers in Image Innovation. W&T Communications takes your Naples business from status quo to making tons of dough. Since 1991, we’ve inspired a small group of highly trained individuals to reach excellence in a naturally creative environment. In fact, this small Naples advertising agencies, origin is creativity. Yet, the catalyst of our success remains passion, something clients recognize and want immediately. Making your business come to life takes more than a clever jingle. Building a legacy for your business… now that’s our specialty. When you hire W&T Communications, you become part of a team of trendsetters. Our customized strategies are kept under lock & key to unleash your competitive ability to be successful. Our results-driven communication tactics are nothing short of a secret code that adapts to market influences. It’s a process that’s been tested and works – so we guard it with our lives.

About Internet Marketing Logic, Naples Search Engine Optimization

When research advertising agencies in Naples, look for an agency that offers online product in-house. At W&T Communications, we have been at the leading front of Internet marketing before any Naples advertising agency. It was 1999 when we started attending online marketing conferences offered by industry leaders such as Search Engine Strategies in Chicago. We learned early in the game how to optimize websites for the search algorithms well before Google climbed to the giant it is today. We can tell you confidently that there were no other Naples advertising agencies at any of these training sessions or industry conferences. We were in good company learning advanced optimization techniques with Amazon, Travelocity, Pier 1 Imports, Coca Cola, eBay and a host of others. We had the foresight to understand that Internet marketing was going to be a resource that will give W&T Communications an advantage in the Naples Advertising market.

Advertising Agencies Naples, Naples Marketing, Naples Internet MarketingToday our Internet marketing division takes the lead. We created Internet Marketing Logic in 2002 as our sister company. As you might expect, Internet Marketing Logic surpassed the Advertising Agency in gross revenues back in 2008 and continues to grow to the great company it is today. Internet Marketing Logic recently expanded to offer the medical industry special medical related online products. We created Medical Marketing Logic in 2014 and now that company has out preformed Internet Marketing Logic in gross revenues.

Advertising Agencies Naples, Naples Marketing, Naples Internet MarketingMarketers Marketing Online, we have written definitions on Internet marketing terms that have been published in national reference books. Our methods of optimization are comprised of proven techniques resulting from failure, fatigue and frustrations, as well as from rewords and accomplishments. Together W&T Communications, Internet Marketing Logic and Medical Marketing Logic all contributed to our tireless efforts that have positioned our agency as an exclusive resource for a new way to market.

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What clients say about this Naples advertising agency

To the prospective clients of W&T Communications, I would like to convey my complete satisfaction with W&T.

When I decided to start my company, I researched advertising and marketing firms in Southwest Florida. Bill Lees and his team were by far the most professional, courteous and attentive to customer needs of all of their competition. Choosing Wise & Time was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Bill and his team were instrumental in helping us with every aspect of beginning a start up company.  Even the company name itself came from a brain storming session in their offices.

The end result is a very successful company that is in the top ten of the hurricane
shutter industry. I would highly recommend W&T to anyone
searching for the services they offer.

Mike Marczak President Sentinel Storm Protection


I have worked with Bill Lees of Wise & Time since early 1998, when I hired Bill and his agency to produce our company brochure. I chose his agency for two reasons. The first was because the examples of his work were amazing. I had never seen anything so beautiful. They were perfect. The second reason is that I immediately felt comfortable with Bill. He worked hard to understand my company and what we were trying to accomplish. He listened to me. He was patient with me. He wanted me to be happy.

Happy is an understatement!

Bill has taken the time to get to know me. He respects me, understands what I like, how I think, and what I want. He is smart and extremely talented. He has hired good people who provide excellent service. They are loyal to Bill and good to his clients. I recommend his agency often, and with no hesitation.

Kyle Life President Leather Medic


As the marketing director for Lennar Corporation, SWFL and Lee/Collier Divisions, I have had the pleasure of working with W&T, marketing approximately 14 Southwest Florida communities for over a year, Wise & Time has worked with Lennar for more than 15 years with a longstanding history of successfully marketed communities.

Wise & Time is a talented agency with an experienced customer service attuned staff. Creatively, their work is unsurpassed, and unlike anything in the area.


Lennar Corporation