W&T Communications Can Bring Your Business Into the Digital Age of Marketing

The rapid growth of technology in recent decades has touched every industry, including marketing and advertising. The techniques that worked best just a few decades ago have now been surpassed by newer tactics.


While it’s not uncommon to see an ad in the newspaper or flyers being stuck under the windshield wipers of cars, a new player in the marketing game has entered the arena. Social media has transformed the way we interact with each other on a personal level and businesses can also use social media to change the way they attract and communicate with their customers and clients. If you’re in need of some Naples, Florida marketing, look no further than W&T Communications. We have been leading the way in Naples marketing since 1991.

Get to know W&T Communications

W&T Communications has been building our reputation for one of the best marketing firms in Southwest Florida. While awards are only as good as the paper they are printed on, we still boast over 100 local and state Addy awards, Best of show at the 1996 advertising federation as well as a Citation of excellence by the National advertising federation. Our team is made up of passionate, creative, and forward thinking individuals whose only goal is to see your business succeed. Here at W&T, we don’t just create advertisements or marketing strategies; we help your company build a legacy and an image that your customers will trust time and again. This is the magic of branding. Marketing is an investment in brand equity.

Expanding our Marketing to Global Marketing

Our passion for innovation led us to begin our training with Google in 1999. This gave us the opportunity to learn Google’s algorithms long before most other companies. W&T worked alongside big names like eBay, Amazon, Travelocity, Coca Cola during our Google training. Our learning and growth didn’t end there, however. Every year, we attend multiple training sessions and seminars to find the best new techniques and strategies to figure out how we can leverage them for our clients. If you’re looking for a Naples marketing firm that stays ahead of the game and will help your business rise to the top, then W&T Communications is perfect for you.

Our New Media toolbox

When our founder William James Lees III graduated from college with a marketing degree from the state university of New York at Buffalo, the marketing and advertising toolbox was quite limited compared to the plethora of options that are available today. Back then, if we could have seen into the future and witnessed the incredible advancements made in technology, we probably would not have been able to process how different the marketing industry would become in today’s world. You’ll want to find a Naples marketing firm that has embraced these changes and is willing to think outside of the conventional box. After all your target audience is the same but it is how they get their information that is different now.

New Media is a new way of marketing by taking advantage of today’s digital world. There are so many tools at our disposal now that allow us to analyze and determine conversions. By using social media in the right way, we can market and communicate to a refined target audience. Facebook is an excellent example of this because it allows us to pick the exact demographic that we want to advertise to. Music stations like Pandora and Sirius are also great ways to advertise. Marketing, however, doesn’t stop with new media. Our Naples, Florida marketing agency offers communication tools such as 4Your Message as well as customer intelligence tracking.

Understanding what your options are in this world of technology and social media and developing a killer marketing plan is the key to brand dominance and attracting a loyal customer base. There are many Naples marketing companies out there but only W&T Communications can take your business to the next level by utilizing digital marketing. Do you know what our online options are? Call us today and we can create a New Media marketing plan for you.